Our seeds for sale

semences-graines-nues-enrobeesAll the development processes of new hybrids and the production of seeds follow strict internal standards of quality.

Bergerac Seed & Breeding only produces and markets high quality seeds, thus ensuring the purity of tobacco lines and hybrid seeds and the germinative capacity of its seeds. All our seed lots are tested for GMO and are controlled in our fields (varietal purity and conformity to the standard) and laboratories (pathology conformity and alkaloid analyses) before sale.

We pay a particular attention in the control of the conversion of nicotine to nornicotine throughout the breeding and seed production processes, systematically discarding plants that do not fit our standards. Every flue-cured, burley and dark variety sold has been screened for low converters.


Bergerac Seed & Breeding sells raw seeds and coated seeds. Package size (grams of raw seeds or number of pellets) may be specified at the time of the order.


Semences de tabac