The species of ornamental tobacco whose seeds are offered for sale all come from South America.

All the seeds sold have been produced by Bergerac Seed & Breeding, in France.

Growing conditions

  • very small seeds to sow clear in March at 20-24°C on soil adapted for sowing; keep wet and do not cover seeds that need light to germinate
  • young plants to be transplanted individually about 2 weeks after the start of germination
  • growing duration: about 8 weeks at 18-20°C
  • planting as soon as there is no more risk of frost
  • sun/mid shade exposure
  • for flowerbeds and/or potted plants. Planting distance in flower-beds: 35 cm, 45 cm minimum for the most developed
  • flowering period: July to October

Seeds sold exclusively in the European Union, in bags containing 0.25 g of seeds.

SpeciesApproximate number of seeds / bagPrice / bag*
Nicotiana alata15005.50€
Nicotiana sanderae15005.50€
Nicotiana langsdorffii15005.50€
Nicotiana hybrid PO5515007.50€
Nicotiana hybrid PO315007.50€
Nicotiana hybrid PO8915007.50€
Nicotiana longiflora50007.50€
Nicotiana sylvestris60005.50€
Nicotiana glauca50007.50€
Nicotiana knightiana35007.50€
Nicotiana tabacum Atropurpurea25007.50€
Nicotiana tabacum variété Bel W325007.50€
Nicotiana tabacum variété Bel B25007.50€
*Priority mail shipping fee not included 

Nicotiana alata

Large pure white flowers of almost 7 cm in diameter, very fragrant flowers, 100-150 cm.

Nicotiana sanderae

Species close to Nicotiana alata, large dark red flowers, 70-100 cm.

Nicotiana langsdorffii

Small tubulated flowers, 3 cm long, lime green, slightly drooping and borne by long slender stems, no fragrance, blue pollen. Branched plant, 100-150 cm.

Nicotiana hybrid PO55

A new compact and heavy flowering hybrid with tubular green flowers and blue pollen, good holding in time and in the sun, 60-70 cm.

Nicotiana hybrid PO3

A new heavy flowering hybrid with white flowers, 100 cm.

Nicotiana hybrid PO89

A new heavy flowering hybrid with flowers showing a panel of pastel colors from white to purple, 80-110 cm.

Nicotiana longiflora

Loose plant growth habit, 50-100 cm. White flowers with very long and narrow corolla tubes, somewhat fragrant.

Nicotiana sylvestris

A plant with a majestic growth habit, broad and light green leaves, and elegant flowering stems with long drooping, pure white, fragrant, tubular flowers, 10 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. 150-200 cm, width 60 cm. For flowerbeds background.

Nicotiana glauca

A soft-woody shrub of more than 3 to 6 m tall, branched habit, rather small decorative and glaucous leaves. Small tubulated golden yellow flowers, no fragrance. Very fast growing. Frost-resistant species up to -4°C, which can be cut and protected by mulching during winter.

Nicotiana knightiana

Branched plant measuring 100 to 200 cm high. Dark green flowers.

Nicotiana tabacum Atropurpurea

Plant with strong development for flowerbeds background, red flowers.

Air pollution indicator Tobacco

In case of ozone pollution, the leaves of Nicotiana tabacum variety Bel W3 (sensitive) react with many small necrotic spots while, under the same conditions, the variety Bel B (resistant) shows no symptoms. A simple and pedagogical method for assessing ozone air pollution.

Semences de tabac